Mini Sub Downloader - Beta

Mini Sub Downloader is an application which helps you to download perfect matching subtitles for your video files. All you have to do is to Drag and Drop the files ino the application, choose the options and click 'Download Subtitles'. As simple as that!... The application contacts to find the subtitles that are suitable and synchronized with your video files. It uses a hashing system to search for subtitles and it works way cool.

The features of Mini Sub Downloader are.

  • Download subtitles for multiple videos files at a time.
  • Import all videos from a folder to download subtitles.
  • Drag and Drop files to search for subtitles.
  • It renames the subtitle with the same name as the video file, so that when you open the video file, the subtitle will automatically load into the video player. You can opt out this feature from download options.
  • Can search and download subtitles in a wide range of languages.


To download Mini Sub Downloader Click here.

This is a beta version of Mini Sub Downloader. Please contact me through 'Contact Me' link on in this page for reporting problems with the applicaion. Suggestions for improvement are open heartedly welcome!... :)

Note: Currently Mini Sub Downloader only supports video files that are publicly available. If you have downloaded your video from torrent websites or any other filesharing websites, it will work.

Like the software? Say it out loud!.. Write your comments below. You can also contact me for any issues via Contact Me page of this website.